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Co-Washing: The Curly Girl Method

Hey Y'all!

Co-washing can be very confusing to many people. The term co-washing is short for "conditioner washing." This simply means that you're cleansing your hair with conditioner instead of shampoo. Shampoos contain harsh ingredients designed to strip the hair of it's natural oils. Over time we have become used to this, but it can very well mean dry brittle hair for those of us with some texture. Many times people think co-washing means they have to go and search high and low for a bottle labeled "cowash." These products are conditioner with cleansing agents that are more gentle than typical shampoos. While some people may experience greasiness or feel like their hair is dirty during their Transition Phase, and may need to use a cowash, it is not required for The Curly Girl Method. Most people find the best results with regular conditioner, and many even prefer some of the cheapest brands!

There are many different methods of co-washing. Everyone…

How to Care for Curly Hair - Curlies, Start Here

When you have curly hair it seems like those with less textured locks stay green with envy, and if you're like me you have no idea why. How can those around us admire our hair so much, when they don't know how difficult, how time consuming, how disappointing, how embarrassing our curls have been? 
While the beauty of curly hair really boils down to opinion, that doesn't mean you can't learn to care for and nurse your curly hair into something you love! When I began my hair journey I HATED my hair. I don't just have curly hair, I have fine, thin curly hair. Not only does my hair frizz, it tangles and rats up once it begins to frizz. ("Ratting up" means that the tangles become so bad so quickly they start to resemble a rodent's nest, possibly a rat, in case people in other places aren't familiar with the term.) So, I started learning everything I possibly could about curly hair.

Chances Are, You Have Damage
IF you are like me, (I know you are, beca…

Is it really a hair transformation? - One 'n Only ColorFix with Argon Oil Review

Hey Y’all!
So Hubby and I were in Sally’s the other day picking up some beard conditioner for his AMAZING beard. I was perusing the aisles of dye thinking about how much I am DYING to DYE my hair (ha). I have been considering ways to do this, as I have very dark dye on my hair, and I DO NOT want to bleach these amazing healthy curls….why do people want to knowingly RUIN their hair? My locks are sensitive and I am terrified of bleach. Anyway, I’m there just perusing and I come across this colorfix kit from One ‘n Only.

So I am thinking that a color stripper has to be less damaging than bleach, right? AND it has argon oil! There’s no way this could go wrong. After much begging hubby purchases the Colorfix Kit along with some Wella Color Charm Pale Ash Blonde Toner and Wella Color Charm Crème Developer, and we head home with (hopefully) my future hair.

We get home and I start researching…I think that you’re supposed to do that BEFORE you buy, but for some reason I never do…oh well. Re…

I am dying for some feedback! Your opinion matters so much to me!

Hey Y'all!
Normally I don't post twice in a single day, but today I want to converse with you guys some!
This is a short and sweet post, as I want all of the comments and feedback I can possibly get!
My site is growing everyday, and I want to thank you all for pushing it along. 
I am so impressed with my number pageviews in just one month.
I never thought it would take off like it has so far. 
I would really like to have some interactive feedback from anyone checking out my blog. 
Please comment below and give me your opinions!
Is the layout and design aesthetically pleasing?
Is the page navigation easy enough?
Is there anything you don't like?
Do you have any questions, or requests for reviews or posts?
What would you like to see more of?
What would you like to know about me?

My readers are the ones who really make my blog shine, and I want to get to know you and your thoughts!
 Even if you just wanna tell me about yourself, don't be afraid to strike up some conversa…

Who is Touryn? - April 5, 2017

Hey Y’all! I love those kinds of morning when I wake up, when it’s a bit chilly, and I wake up to find all three of my cats in the bed with us. Some people would be amazed that I have three cats, but guess what? I also have two dogs!
Oh, five animals? Too many you say? I never planned on having five animals, it just sort of happened. Let me tell you.

My oldest pet is Charlie. He’s a long-haired orange tom. We adopted him in the summer of 2015, and we have been through so much together. Many dog lovers think cats aren’t as loyal and loving as dogs, but I can’t begin to tell you how untrue that is. Charlie is MY cat. He likes my husband (and sometimes my daughter, she’s high strung), but he is most loyal and affectionate to me. He has been neutered, but still enjoys roaming. He stays outside a lot, but when I call his name out the back door he comes running. He loves sleeping by my feet or my head, depending where I am lounging at. He follows me around the house while I am doing thing…

LA Colors Matte Liquid Color Review - $2 Lipstick

Hey Y’all! While perusing my the newly remodeled make up section at my local Dollar General, (DG 4 Lyyfe!) I came across this LA Colors Matte Liquid Color. I must say, I was intrigued. I couldn't find you guys a link, so you'll have to check your local DG for this product. So far, the only long wear lip color I have tried is Rimmel London’s Provocalips, which is thicker and is not matte finish, and a very, very obscure brand my sister ordered from I don’t like products from wish, but I tried hers anyway out of pure curiosity and I was impressed.) So, I snagged up two colors of the LA Colors Matte Liquid Color for a mere $2.00 each. I must say I was pretty skeptical of how this cheap matte lip color would turn out. 

It was a very pretty shade. I grabbed CLG404 Perfection. It is a very attractive pink. The other color I snagged is CLG409 Eclipse. The second shade is pretty, but I am unsure if it suits my skin tone yet, so I used the Perfection for my review test. I did …

Makeup For Blue Eyes - Sultry Makeup

Hey Y’all! Here is this week’s look! I wore this look to my sister-in-law’s wedding, and everyone loved it. It is so simple, easy and sultry. I felt so unbelievably sexy while wearing this look. The rusty red eyeshadow, and the brown I used in this look are great colors for blue eyes.

I used a City Color Eyeshadow Trio in Falling  Leaves. This palette runs around $14, and I have linked to amazon where you can purchase it. If you want to use a different palette with similar colors, that’s fine also. The trick to this look is the rust tones in the eyeshadows. Rusty red or brown shades do wonders for blue eyes, but I think this look will flatter any color eye. I also used a touch of black eye shadow from The Ipsy NYX 3 Color Eye Shadow Palette Neutral Trio.

To begin I did my full-face foundation, and my eye brows. This consists of the usual moisturizer, primer and foundation. I set my foundation with my e.l.f. Tone Adjusting powder, and I used a dark-ish color on my brows.
Rough huh? Don’…