I am dying for some feedback! Your opinion matters so much to me!

Hey Y'all!

Normally I don't post twice in a single day, but today I want to converse with you guys some!

This is a short and sweet post, as I want all of the comments and feedback I can possibly get!

My site is growing everyday, and I want to thank you all for pushing it along. 

I am so impressed with my number pageviews in just one month.

I never thought it would take off like it has so far. 

I would really like to have some interactive feedback from anyone checking out my blog. 

Please comment below and give me your opinions!

Is the layout and design aesthetically pleasing?

Is the page navigation easy enough?

Is there anything you don't like?

Do you have any questions, or requests for reviews or posts?

What would you like to see more of?

What would you like to know about me?

My readers are the ones who really make my blog shine, and I want to get to know you and your thoughts!

 Even if you just wanna tell me about yourself, don't be afraid to strike up some conversation in the comments!


  1. I just recently came across your blog. I love it. I love make up too, especially lip color. I've been wearing lipstick since the age of 15. Right now I probably have over 100+ lipsticks -- as they age and if not used, after a certain length of time, I will throw them out because the ingredients that they're made from may last for up to a year or maybe a year and a half.

    I have tried many different brands -- Loreal, Revlon, Maybeline, Covergirl and even some of the more expensive products from the high end manufacturers. I mostly purchase Revlon and Loreal because the color and the consistency of how they feel while wearing them and the color is very rich.

    Like you, I have very pale skin and blue eyes, so color really shows up well against my skin color.

    Since we are now entering into the summer months -- I was wondering if you will be doing any blogging on some of the more shear and translucent make up for the outdoors? Like a pale pink shadow on the lids and a soft rose color over the lips with maybe a touch of clear lip gloss over it? And, a pale pink blush over the cheekbones and just a sweep of mascara over the lashes. You know, a natural 'sun-kissed' look?

    What I would also love to see is for someone actually go to the General Dollar Store and take pictures of what cosmetics are found in them? A lot of women have no idea what's available.

    I know there are a lot of girls who just don't like wearing makeup period. I don't happen to be one -- but I respect those who don't have time or who don't like the way it feels on their skin. BUT -- if they would consider that just a little tiny bit color on their lips would make the beauty in their faces really pop. And, it takes only a minute to apply the color to the lips.

    My 5 minute make up routine for leaving the house to go to the store is -- I will take my pinky finger and sweep up some of my rose colored blush and apply it to the top of my eyelids, then apply the same blush swept over my cheek bones -- apply some rose lipstick and use a touch of mascara just on my top lashes! And that's it.

    BTW -- The way you apply your eyeshadows is very professional for someone who claims not to have had any real training -- I must say that I'm impressed.

    But yeah . . . I would love to know what cosmetics can actually be found at the General Dollar Store and how they compare to some of the major brands. So if you find the time to blog on that, I would be interested.

    -- anonymous

    1. Tha k you so much for your kind words, and wonderful comments! Currently I am in the process of moving, so I have not been posting as I am sure you have noticed. I hope to be back up and running very soon! I will begin working on a "sheer/ shimmery look" especially for you! Keep an eye out for it, and don't be afraid to leave me some constructive criticism! I am still new to the game, and I love to learn from my fellow makeup lovers!

    2. Also, if you would like to subscribe, you will receive updates of my new posts once they are up in your email inbox! I hope to be back very soon!

  2. Will you be doing any tutorials on eyebrows? Thanks.

    1. I certainly will! At this time my husband and I have been in the process of moving, but soon I will be back and at it! I will definitely make an eyebrow tutorial so come back and keep and eye out! 😘


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