Who is Touryn? - April 5, 2017

Hey Y’all!
I love those kinds of morning when I wake up, when it’s a bit chilly, and I wake up to find all three of my cats in the bed with us. Some people would be amazed that I have three cats, but guess what? I also have two dogs!

Oh, five animals? Too many you say? I never planned on having five animals, it just sort of happened. Let me tell you.

Who is Touryn? - April 5, 2017

My oldest pet is Charlie. He’s a long-haired orange tom. We adopted him in the summer of 2015, and we have been through so much together. Many dog lovers think cats aren’t as loyal and loving as dogs, but I can’t begin to tell you how untrue that is. Charlie is MY cat. He likes my husband (and sometimes my daughter, she’s high strung), but he is most loyal and affectionate to me. He has been neutered, but still enjoys roaming. He stays outside a lot, but when I call his name out the back door he comes running. He loves sleeping by my feet or my head, depending where I am lounging at. He follows me around the house while I am doing things, and he is so vocal! We have conversations regularly.

Who is Touryn? - April 5, 2017

The next pet I acquired is a pitt-bull named Lolly Pop. She used to belong to Cody’s younger sister, but she wasn’t allowed to have her when she moved into her new apartment. We had a dog already at the time she asked us to take her, so I didn’t want to. Shortly after she asked us to care for Lolly, my other dog, Samsyn, was killed on the road. (I still miss him, they would’ve made beautiful babies.) I decided to take Lolly and I have trained her all by myself! She is so smart, and so good!

Who is Touryn? - April 5, 2017

A few months ago a high-school friend of mine posted about two cats she was looking for homes for. Charlie used to have a girlfriend, but like Samsyn, she didn’t know about crossing the street without looking both ways. Her name was Kilala. Anyway, my friend posted about these two cats. One of them was and orange and white Maine Coone, so I jumped at the chance to adopt him and give Charlie another companion. The loss of Kilala was hard on him.  Darwin has six toes, and along with Darwin, I decided to take his lifelong brother, Ash. Ash is a black cat, and my friend was having trouble finding a place for him to go.  I couldn’t bear the thought of them being split up, and one of them not finding his furrever home. They really didn’t like us much in the beginning, but have both warmed up so much. Ash is the sweetest most loving (annoyigng!) cat ever. He is constantly begging for pets! All three cats enjoy laying in bed with us and chasing sunbeams around the house. Ash and Darwin aren’t neutered, but for some reason don’t care to go outside much. Darwin used to go outside often, but once I had to go and find him after a week of him being gone. He hasn’t been outside since, but that’s ok with me. Something must’ve scared him. Where I live, there are many large predators. I was scared something had gotten him!

Who is Touryn? - April 5, 2017

And most recently we adopted ChewBarka, Chewy for short. He used to live at a house in town, but he got loose from their house and wondered around town for days. The owners didn’t even attempt to find him or bring him home, and he was so hungry. 

Who is Touryn? - April 5, 2017

We brought him home 
thinking we would find someone that would take care of him. Things didn’t turn out that way! After a week or so I had fallen in love with him. Let me tell you, he has been a handful! He was an outside dog at his old home, so bringing him inside here was a big step. He didn’t know anything! He would not stay off the counters and out of the trash. It was pretty rough, but he has come so far! It didn’t take him long to catch on to training and he has proven to be a great watchdog. Of course, there’s still bumps along the road, and we have a lot of work to do, but I have great confidence in him.

Who is Touryn? - April 5, 2017

So, in the end I am very happy with all of my animals. I didn’t plan on having five of them. I used to dislike animals in the house because I didn’t know how to teach them anything. With the help of my wonderful husband, I think now we have a pretty great herd. I feel so close to all of them, and in my heart I am so proud that they all get to live here in this loving home. I sometimes wish that I could take all of the hungry, lonely animals in the world and feed them and love them! They are all such good fur babies and I wouldn’t trade them for the world!

Do you have any amazing pets? I would LOVE to see pictures of them and hear a little something about them in the comments below! Don't forget to check me out on friday for this weeks makeup look!

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