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How to Care for Curly Hair - Curlies, Start Here

When you have curly hair it seems like those with less textured locks stay green with envy, and if you're like me you have no idea why. How can those around us admire our hair so much, when they don't know how difficult, how time consuming, how disappointing, how embarrassing our curls have been? 
While the beauty of curly hair really boils down to opinion, that doesn't mean you can't learn to care for and nurse your curly hair into something you love! When I began my hair journey I HATED my hair. I don't just have curly hair, I have fine, thin curly hair. Not only does my hair frizz, it tangles and rats up once it begins to frizz. ("Ratting up" means that the tangles become so bad so quickly they start to resemble a rodent's nest, possibly a rat, in case people in other places aren't familiar with the term.) So, I started learning everything I possibly could about curly hair.

Chances Are, You Have Damage
IF you are like me, (I know you are, beca…

Is it really a hair transformation? - One 'n Only ColorFix with Argon Oil Review

Hey Y’all!
So Hubby and I were in Sally’s the other day picking up some beard conditioner for his AMAZING beard. I was perusing the aisles of dye thinking about how much I am DYING to DYE my hair (ha). I have been considering ways to do this, as I have very dark dye on my hair, and I DO NOT want to bleach these amazing healthy curls….why do people want to knowingly RUIN their hair? My locks are sensitive and I am terrified of bleach. Anyway, I’m there just perusing and I come across this colorfix kit from One ‘n Only.

So I am thinking that a color stripper has to be less damaging than bleach, right? AND it has argon oil! There’s no way this could go wrong. After much begging hubby purchases the Colorfix Kit along with some Wella Color Charm Pale Ash Blonde Toner and Wella Color Charm Crème Developer, and we head home with (hopefully) my future hair.

We get home and I start researching…I think that you’re supposed to do that BEFORE you buy, but for some reason I never do…oh well. Re…