Is it really a hair transformation? - One 'n Only ColorFix with Argon Oil Review

Hey Y’all!

So Hubby and I were in Sally’s the other day picking up some beard conditioner for his AMAZING beard. I was perusing the aisles of dye thinking about how much I am DYING to DYE my hair (ha). I have been considering ways to do this, as I have very dark dye on my hair, and I DO NOT want to bleach these amazing healthy curls….why do people want to knowingly RUIN their hair? My locks are sensitive and I am terrified of bleach. Anyway, I’m there just perusing and I come across this colorfix kit from One ‘n Only.

color stripper from one 'n only

So I am thinking that a color stripper has to be less damaging than bleach, right? AND it has argon oil! There’s no way this could go wrong. After much begging hubby purchases the Colorfix Kit along with some Wella Color Charm Pale Ash Blonde Toner  and Wella Color Charm Crème Developer, and we head home with (hopefully) my future hair.
Wella Color Charm

We get home and I start researching…I think that you’re supposed to do that BEFORE you buy, but for some reason I never do…oh well.
Recently my hair has taken a turn for the worse… I blame stress. It is at least 3 assorted colors…it looks awful…see?

color fix on curly haircolor fix on curly hair
color fix on curly hair

The One n’ Only ColorFix with Argon Oil Kit comes with 3 bottles.

color fix with argon oil

The first bottle contains Color Reducer, the second contains conditioning catalyst, and the third is processing lotion! After all of my grade A research I decided to skip the processing lotion, as sometimes it can cause hair to return to a darker color.
The way color stripper works is by shrinking the color molecules in the hair to make them less visible. The processing lotion contains hydrogen peroxide which can sometimes cause certain dyes to soak back into the hair.
The directions state to mix EXACT amounts of each part one and part two, so I did just that. My hair is fairly thin and fine, so it didn’t take copious amounts. I mixed the two together and slathered it on.

color stripping with one n only color fixThis stuff doesn’t smell good y’all. It smells like farts, or rotten eggs. And as you can see below, I do not waste money on frivolous things such as processing caps. I just used my Sally’s bag because…well… budgeting.

one application of color fixI left the stuff for 20 minutes, and vigorously scrubbed
with clarifying shampoo, rinse repeat, and this is the result:

The directions say to repeat the process if needed, so I did that, too, and we get here:

second application of color fix

 I have to say, once we got to this point I was VERY excited… I was hoping for blonde, but I understand the limitations of hair coloring.

 Unfortunately, I didn’t research the Toner and Crème Developer enough because one had peroxide in it, and when I used them it brought the old color almost back… However I do have to say that my hair is definitely more even colored and looks better overall than it did originally. 

one n only color fix before and after

As far as damage, there was almost NONE and that is wonderful. As far as color correcting One 'n Only ColorFix works, but be sure to know what the products you have are and what they do! On the other hand I am considering using a third application of the colorfix and bringing back the reddish orange.

That is all I can do, go step by step and look ridiculous for a while! Do you have any tips or tricks? Let me know please! 

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On another note, if anyone is interested in my husband's beard, or the product he uses be sure and leave a comment! Beard products make amazing gifts. Bonus Picture of my very handsome husband and his amazing beard:


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